“What’s that awful smell?”

 “What smell?” I asked the friend of mine, who had just entered my home.

 “Can’t you get it?” he asked surprised.

Since my wife, a doc, has already had her vaccine shot, I decided I would field a few questions to her for my safety and the safety of the people, “Who gave you the shot?” I asked.

 “A fellow doctor!” she said.

 “Male or female?” I asked.

 “Why?” she asked, “Does it matter?”

It’s been whispered that ghosts of yesterday can mix with the nocturnal spirits of today, as no time bar separates them in the supernatural realms, which is why in the other worldly bar that phantom souls frequent, the late Winston Churchill walked across the spooky floor to join the late Thomas Babington Macaulay for a ghostly drink. “What are you grimacing about Thomas?” he asked lightly, dropping the title of ‘Sir’ which Macaulay would have otherwise insisted be added to his name, but not so for the great Churchill.

 “Ah Winston, how are you, and I do hope you’re enjoying the spirits here!”

Ofcourse it is! Can’t you see I’m lazing around? There’s no bus to catch or appointment to keep, it’s Saturday and a day of rest!

And then I look out, there’s a man at my window.

 “Hello!” I shout, taken aback, “What are you doing there?”

 “They clearly mentioned, ‘no presents, only your presence!’ I muttered as my wife came out of our home carrying a huge gift.

 “That’s what they all say,” said the wife wisely, “but you will always see people slipping in an envelope!”

I did see some truth in what she said, because later going through the wedding album of friends, I would notice there were many which did not have my photo, “That’s because you didn’t give a gift!” my wife had said.