Extensive Search Operation Being Conducted at Corbyn’s Cove Creek

The case of Akash who had gone missing since the intervening night of 17th and 18th August 2019 after an accident near Corbyn’s Cove Creek has now been taken up by the Central Bureau of Investigation.

Port Blair, May 31: A case of road accident was registered at PS Aberdeen on the 18th of August 2019 against Akash based on the statements of two survivors in the accident that took place, who happened to be with Akash in his car during the time of accident. After all investigations, Akash has finally been termed as accused, though there has been no trace of Akash since the time of the accident.

As per the order of the Hon’ble High Court of Calcutta, Circuit Bench at Port Blair, in a Writ Petition No. 50 of 2020, the investigation of FIR No. 463/2019 of PS Aberdeen was transferred to CBI.

The investigation has been taken up by CBI by re-registering the case RC 121 2020 S0001-CBI-PB on 17th March 2020 U/s 279 IPC, which pertains to the accident of a vehicle at Corbyn’s Cove Creek on 18th August 2019. As per the FIR, two persons out of three who were in the vehicle survived from the creek after the accident but one of them is still missing.

The CBI searched the creek on 29th May 2020 with the help of divers from Police Marine Force (PMF) where accident had occurred. Prior to the search operation, the Corbyn’s Cove area was cordoned off with web/ net as well as other safety measures to safeguard the divers as the area is crocodile prone. The services of Snake Rescue Team was also availed for safety measures.

The purpose of extensive search operation aimed to trace/ find out certain missing articles relevant to the case and any trace/ clue about missing Akash, who was in the accidental vehicle. For search operation, the technical assistance of marine engineers from ALHW was also roped in.

The search operation was carried out in the presence of witnesses. The search operation will continue till entire area of Corbyn’s Cove creek is put to extensive search where the accident had occurred.