Port Blair, July 6: The Founder and Secretary of Society for Andaman & Nicobar Ecology (SANE), Shri Samir Acharya has requested the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, Admiral DK Joshi (Retd) to take responsibility for planning of Water Resource in the islands.

In a letter to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, the Secretar, SANE mentioned, “Considering the local condition here, which I am sure you are better aware of, is it not prudent to take a second look at the advertisements of the Administration?”

“Your Excellency is well aware that water is being supplied to the citizens for 10-12 minutes every seven to ten days.  There is not enough water to brush one’s teeth and DAILY ablution.  But people are being advised to wash their hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water frequently every day!

“Personally I brought water in a tanker thrice this month on payment of 2500/- - 3,000/- for 8000 ltrs.  So did most of my neighbors in Nayagaon Dream Colony without exception.  I don’t know how many citizens can afford it.  We are really very lucky that COVID 19- came and there was a general lock down.  This alone permitted the availability of water here due to the savings by way of tourists’ consumption.

“The former MP, Mr. Bishnu Pada Ray was the only MP who had taken an initiative in planning during his tenure. I have had the privilege of seeing a few.  But, unfortunately, following his departure, the interest in planning, particularly of water resource, have waned.

“Your Excellency, I remember the time when you had taken the responsibilities of a single accident/incident on board a single naval vessel and resigned as The chief, following the best command tradition”, Acharya added.