By Samir Acharya

India Today reported that … “The rules of dating, too, are changing. One 18 year-old from Delhi says she and her partner now sanitize their lips before kissing one another on the cheek, and then sanitize the spot again to be safe. Deepti Ghosh, a 29 – year old freelance writer from Kolkata says: “We avoid bodily contact. Sanitizers are more important than condoms and conversation has overpowered physical attraction”.

USFDA (United State Food and Drug Administration has just banned five (5) different sanitizer for being hazardous and containing harmful chemicals. Last week they had banned eleven different sanitizers. This is in addition to the eleven earlier named.

One wonder about the safety and efficiency of the brands on sale in Islands. USFDA has already initiated legal action against the miscreants. I wonder what would be the fate of such a case in India.

A case was initiated (a long time ago) against a concern producing watches and pen and marking this as “Made in USA”. The accused pleaded that it was made in a workshop located in a housing called Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association. So he was truthful and not at fault. He was acquitted.

Likewise in India, one might claim (in case of a Methanol based sanitizer) that Methanol is also an Alcohol. So his claim that it was a alcohol based sanitizer is right.

A Laboratory Dealer friend of mine had sent me the following WhatsApp message, “Someone ate an apple and we were born. Someone ate a bat and we are dying. So the problem is in eating and not in drinking”, Vivela ANIIDCO.  Long live the tipplers including the Pathiala once.

Fear of COVID-19 can evoke two responses. Fear can be to Forget Everything and Run or Face Everything and Rise.