Port Blair, Aug. 4: Having witnessing the pathetic situation in Andaman & Nicobar Islands to contain COVID-19, a local youth of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Master Adarsh Ilango has filed an official grievance with the Prime Minister’s Office. The grievance was lodged on 31st July 2020, which speaks for itself. The youth narrates:

“Respected PM, There is Health Emergency in Andaman and Nicobar. COVID-19 has gone out of control. The Administration has totally failed miserably to manage. Contacts of positive cases are not being properly identified and hence Community transmission has begun. People are suffering. COVID-19 has spread even in the remote areas like Diglipur, Hutbay, Chouldari etc. Nobody is helping common man. There are no beds in hospitals. So people are being forced to stay at home despite being positive and symptomatic. No medicines are being provided to asymptomatic patients. Testing of COVID is very improper and almost nil in the remote islands. People are sick and suffering in their homes and no medical help is being provided. Despite repeated call to the only main hospital GB Pant, no response is being given. Even symptomatic are not being tested. Within a span of just 3 days, more than 7 deaths have occurred. People are being brought dead to the hospital. I request Hon’ble PM, HM ji to immediately interfere personally. The Administration here is providing you with all fake data which is totally contrary to the reality. Nobody is managing crisis here. The officials in the Administration are not even calling for proper meetings to take control of the situation. Please, don’t forward this letter to local Administration as it won’t have any impact. So our only hope is you PM ji. PLEASE HELP.“