Used PPE Materials Found Discarded on the Veranda of COVID Isolation Ward

Port Blair, Aug 13: With more and more Doctors and staffs of Andaman’s only referral hospital GB Pant getting tested positive for corona virus, the hospital seems to be in doldrums. The shortage of staffs in the hospital has led to a situation wherein the management is forced to have a common ward for ladies, including those who have delivered babies along with male patients. The situation has gone so worse that the ladies were forced to used even common toilets with the male patients.

Upon the complaint received by few of the ladies admitted in the common ward, members of Pradesh Youth Congress and NSUI led by V.K. Najib Siddique and MA Sajid visited the ward to gather first-hand account of the situation prevailing.

“Female patients have been lodged along with Males and New born babies in a single ward without any privacy, which some of them claimed also didn't have proper facilities. Female patients alleged that there is no enough space to even walk inside the ward, no reserved bathroom for women, which is causing trouble”, said Sajid in a communication to Andaman Chronicle.

Acting on the issue the PYC and NSUI leaders informed the matter to the Medical Superintendent and in a span of 2 hours, a separate ward for male patients and a separate ward for ladies along with new born babies was arranged.

Siddique and Sajid also visited COVID Isolation ward where they were shocked to notice PPE kits being discarded carelessly in front of the ward. This major lapse by medical staffs was ringing alarm bells about the spread of the contagion and underlining the blatant of the Central Government Guidelines. There was a high risk of other people getting infected with the virus as basic hygiene and precautionary measures were missing in hospital.

Realising the seriousness of the matter was again taken up with the Medical Superintendent after which the Medical Superintendent assured to solve the issue at the earliest.