Port Blair, March 22: A team of intervention cardiology unit of ANIIMS has successfully implanted the first permanent pacemaker in the recently installed cardiac Cath lab at GB Pant hospital. The Health department procured the permanent pacemakers on emergency basis during this inclement weather conditions for two patients of complete heart block.

Both the patients were earlier referred to mainland for pacemaker implantation but were not given any treatment. Their condition had worsened and were under temporary pacemaker support in ICU. The two pacemakers implantations were done successfully on 19.03.2022 by Cardiologist Dr. SRIKANT S in ANIIMS/GB Pant Hospital, Port Blair along with support team of Electrophysiology technician and Cath lab scrub nurses, CCU staff and cardiac Radiographers. At present both the patients are stable and will be discharged shortly.