Diglipur, April 13: The new Panchayat body of Ramnagar after noticing the drastic decline in economic conditions of the villagers due to the pandemic has taken the initiative to promote Self-Employment in the village. The campaign has been named as ‘Atma Nirbhar Ramnagar’.

Taking the campaign further, Shri.Mitun Das, Pradhan, Ramnagar interacted  with the Kali Mela Committee  and expressed his view that there is a need to utilize the skills of the unemployed villagers. With the help of Shri Gokul Halder, Businessman, the Panchayat identified seven youths who have professional skills in cooking. The Panchayat has thus come up with Hotel Ramnagar under the slogan ‘Atma Nirbhar Ramnagar’, wherein the seven unemployed youths have been engaged. The Panchayat is in a mission to bring some new changes with innovative ideas, which is expected to improve the economic conditions of the villagers, said Mitun Das, Pradhan in a communication.