It is brought to the notice of the general consumers and government departments that power supply will remain suspended at the following area on 28.04.2022 (Wednesday) from 0630 Hrs. to 1100 Hrs. in connection removing of Aerial Bunched high tension power cable at Naushad Colony, Bhatu Basti.

28.04.2022 (Wednesday) 0630 Hrs.- 1100 Hrs.: Agency House, Garacharama complete, 5 MW Solar Power Plant area, Bhatu Basti complete, Laxmi Motor Area, Pathergudda, Satellite colony, New Pahargaon, Sippighat, Teylarabad, Bimblitan, Manjeri, Guptapara, Manglutan, Wandoor, Chouldari Tushnabad, Port Mount, Tirur, Templemyo, Ograbranj, part of Sippighat, Chouldari Lal Pahar, Tsunami Shelter, Mithakhari, Namunaghar, Dunduspoint & Hathi Tappu  0630 Hrs.               1100    Hrs.

The time mentioned in the schedule is tentative, if the work completes earlier the feeders will be charged accordingly.

The inconvenience caused is regretted.