Village Lad from Middle Andaman Sets World Record for Highest Number of Pull-ups in 30 Sec

Port Blair, May 31: Andaman has time and again proved that there is no dearth of talents out here. Whether it art, culture, sports or any other field, the Islanders of Andaman & Nicobar Islands have outshined. One such talent is a village lad; Uday Shankar Das who has set a world record for the highest number of pull-ups in 30 seconds. The earlier world record was 28 pull-ups in 30 seconds, to which Uday decided to challenge and achieved 38 pull-ups in 30 seconds, thus setting up a new world record.

Uday, 26, whose father is employed as a plumber in APWD and a housewife mother hails from a village called Dhali Kheti in Rangat, Middle Andaman. He has been a fitness enthusiast since an early age and has been trying to inspire his friends back in his village to take up fitness for a healthy living. With no modern sports amenities like gymnasiums and stadiums in his village, Uday was finding it difficult to motivate his friends. It was then that he decided to shift to Port Blair and get trained as a personal trainer.

In Port Blair, Uday trained himself in calisthenics and started training his clients. He used to watch YouTube for more forms of body weight exercises and happened to stumble upon a video, wherein someone had set the world record for highest number of pull-ups. Inspired by the video, Uday decided to try it out himself and in the first attempt itself, he could achieve 27. Later after correcting his form a little, he could directly hit the record number of 38 pull-ups, throwing a challenge to the world.

“I observed that people in Port Blair city are already aware of the need for fitness to lead a healthy life. New and modern facilities are available in the city and people make maximum benefit out of it. But back in my village, if I need to inspire people, I had to prove myself first. And that is how my journey began”, said Uday talking to Andaman Chronicle. 

For the passionate Uday, this world record is just a humble beginning and he aims for more. I am happy to have broken the world record but I feel it was not so difficult to achieve, said Uday adding that Andaman & Nicobar Islands are filled with talents.

The need is to promote the local talents by identifying and providing them with right kind of facilities, he said. Uday also took the opportunity to appeal to the Andaman & Nicobar Administration to come forward to recognize and motivate such hidden talents of these emerald Islands. He is confident that with the support of the Administration, the talents of these Islands will make the islanders proud again and again.

It was last year that Kumari. Shiva Yogetha, a pre-primary student from Andaman & Nicobar Islands had broken the world record for fastest backward counting from 100 – 1.