Port Blair, June 12: The Polit Bureau of the CPI(M) expresses its deep concern at the incidents of violence which have occurred in Ranchi, Howrah and some other places during protests against the offensive remarks against Prophet Muhammad made by two BJP spokespersons.

While the anger against such provocative and insulting remarks are justified, any violent protest will play into the hands of communal forces and further aggravate the situation.  The CPI(M) appeals to the people to maintain calm and peace.

Unfortunately, the Delhi police has filed two FIRs naming not only these two former spokespersons but 30 others, including a journalist, who are in no way connected to the case concerned.  This is a diversionary move meant to dilute the gravity of the offence committed by the two former spokespersons.

The Polit Bureau demands that firm action be taken under the law against the two former spokespersons separately for the specific offence.