Port Blair, June 12: The Member of Parliament, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma today highlighted the problems being faced by Katchal bound passengers due to non-berthing of ships at Katchal Island.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, A&N Administration, the Member of Parliament pointed out that residents of Katchal Island are facing huge problems in transportation from Port Blair to Katchal and vice versa as hardly any ship is directly berthing at Katchal Island these days.

He mentioned that as per the public, earlier atleast twice in a month ships used to berth at Katchal and passengers of Katchal could avail ship journey for Port Blair from Katchal port but now in most of the cases ships are berthing at Kamorta, where Katchal passengers have to get down and wait for small ferry to reach Katchal Island from Kamorta.

He added in case of delays in getting the ferry, often they have to wait in the passenger hall for the ferry for nearly 24 to 30 hours, as in Kamorta there are no hotels or lodges where passengers can get accommodation.

The MP added that in case of bad weather passengers have to stay in the passenger hall for even longer.

He mentioned that the condition of the passenger hall of Kamorta is not suitable for families to stay for more than a few hours and hence they have to undergo huge inconvenience. For old age people, ladies and children it becomes very troublesome.

Considering the genuine issue faced by people of Katchal Island, the Member of Parliament requested the Chief Secretary to arrange to schedule atleast two all port ships in a month, which can berth at Katchal Island.

Till such arrangements are made, the Member of Parliament requested to repair the passenger hall of Kamorta, so that transit passengers can halt with family members in the passenger hall comfortably.

He also requested the Chief Secretary to arrange to schedule the small ferry for Katchal Island from Kamorta in such a way that no Katchal passenger has to wait at Kamorta passenger hall for more than a few hours during their Journey from Katchal to Port Blair or Port Blair to Katchal.