(A review by Mallika Sharma, Freelance Journalist at Femonomic)

Best known for creating The Sullied Warrior Duology, Canadian author of Indian origin, Gaurav Sharma has recently published a charming love story that is sure to touch your heart. His latest novel, Diary of a Whimsical Lover is a portrayal of unconditional, one-sided love that sends ripples through the lives of an introvert over-thinker, Gaurav and his beautiful love interest, Maya. The novel tells the story of two young lovers who must overcome many obstacles in order to be together. From the first moment that Gaurav and Maya meet, it's clear that their connection is special. Gaurav is swept away by Maya's beauty and charm, and she seems to enjoy his quirky sense of humor and gentle nature.

In the story, the protagonist is an introverted Indian author who immigrated to Canada. Meanwhile, Maya is an intriguing, sweet, charming and highly likeable girl. What ensues is a passionate and sometimes turbulent relationship between the two that is full of ups and downs. The supporting characters of Lalita, Kev and Mrs. Caul are multidimensional and well-developed, making the reader feel as if they are right there experiencing everything along with them. Although the love feelings between Gaurav and Maya are not deeply sketched, as a reader you can feel how love builds in the air as they start out as friends, sharing meals, morning walks, and tiny outings.

Sharma's writing is lucid and at par with the standards of soft romance. His excellent use of language succeeds in evoking a sense of love. The author's lyrical writing style makes for an enchanting reading experience. As well as being incredibly sensitive and truthful, the story will strike a chord with anyone who has ever experienced unrequited love. This book would be a suitable choice for anyone who is interested in exploring the complexities of love. The book is written in the form of a diary, and follows the protagonist's journey as he falls in love with a girl who is seemingly unattainable.

Diary of a Whimsical Lover moves along at its own pace, shunning the readers' interpretations—it is neither tragic nor intense, yet a riveting read. You pick it up with high expectations of a fascinating love story. And it does not disappoint. Sharma's descriptive writing weaves a heartwarming tale of love that will leave you enamored with the characters.

A romantic read that makes you laugh, cry, and everything in between, Diary of a Whimsical Lover is the perfect book for anyone who's looking for a sweet, romantic story about finding love in the simplest of places.