Proposes Extension of Stage -I and Start of Stage - II of Rutland Water Supply Project

Port Blair, July 25: Considering the water crisis, which is being faced by people of Andaman & Nicobar Islands almost every year, the Member of Parliament of Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Mr. Kuldeep Rai Sharma recently visited Rutland Island along with the Chief Engineer (APWD), technical team and other senior Officers of APWD to inspect the Rutland Water Supply Project himself.

During his visit to Ruland Island, he inspected Rutland Water Supply Project sites and various other rich water sources present in the Island.

The Andaman & Nicobar Islands, especially the South Andaman region is facing a water crisis almost every year due to fast pace development and lack of mechanism to catch the rain.

After his visit to Rutland Island, the Member of Parliament wrote a letter to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Islands and proposed extension of Stage -I of Rutland Water Supply Project and to begin Stage - II of Rutland Water Supply Project to obtain total of 22.60 MLD of water from existing 6.60 MLD of water from Rutland

In his letter addressed to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, the Member of Parliament congratulated the Andaman & Nicobar Administration for successfully completing the Stage - I of Rutland Water Supply Project in December 2021 which provided much awaited 6.60 ML (Million Litres) of water daily from Rutland to Pongi Balu - Dhanikhari Dam catering to the daily growing demand of water of Port Blair City.

He said that execution of the said project helped to a certain extent in alleviating the daily water supply curtailment from January to April 2022.

However, he mentioned that due to periodical increase in Population (both fixed and floating) of Port Blair Town and increasing pace of development work being carried out in and around the city, there is a regular growing demand of water required to be supplied in ample quantity to the populace of Port Blair City thereby calling for new water supply projects to be taken up.

He pointed out that though some water supply projects (like Flat Bay Sweet water Project & Sweet Water Lake Project at Sippighat) are in pipeline, but will take considerable time to complete as they are long term projects of mammoth volume for fulfilling the demand of 50 years.

Citing the same, he added that some medium term water supply projects are required to be taken up on priority basis to meet the immediate demand of the coming 15-20 years.

In his letter, the Member of Parliament proposed extension of Stage - I of Rutland Water Supply Project and also start of Stage - II of Rutland Water Supply Project, which are not only feasible and viable but when executed it will ameliorate the water demand of the coming 15-20 years of Port Blair City.

He added that during his recent visit to Rutland Island recently along with Chief Engineer (APWD) and other senior Officers of APWD, he has observed the Stage I of Rutland Water Supply Project very closely.

Giving details about Western side of Rutland Island the Member of Parliament mentioned that at present 05 Nos. perennial sources of water were tapped in the completed Stage - 1 proposal of Rutland water supply scheme 6.60 MLD of water is made available and transported to Pongi Balu through 300 mm dia. Submarine Pipeline.

But he added that there are further 05 Nos. untapped perennial water sources on western side of Rutland which were left in stage – I proposal and these 05 Nos. left out sources when tapped will provide an additional discharge of 6.0 MLD there by augmenting the available water on western side of Rutland from existing 6.60 MLD to 12.60 MLD, which includes 0.5 MLD from Kiched Nallah, 1.0 MLD from Ghas Nallah, 1.0 MLD from Anarkali Nallah, 1.0 MLD from Japan Nallah and 2.5 MLD from Komio Nallah.

Giving details about the Eastern side of Rutland Island he mentioned that there are five untapped perennial sources of water on Eastern side of Rutland as under which when tapped will provide a total discharge of 10 MLD (Million Litres per Day) of water which includes 4.0 MLD from Chain Nallah, 3.0 MLD from Meetha Nallah, 0.5 MLD from Puranadera Nallah, 1.5 MLD from Puranadera Nallah –II and 1.0 MLD from Puranadera Nallah – III.

The Member of Parliament added that the proposal when completed will provide a total of 22.60 MLD of water from existing 6.60 MLD of water from Rutland thereby augmenting the availability of water by 16.00 MLD.

He added that Daily water being supplied to Port Blair city at present is about 33.50 ML and this additional augmented water of 22.60 ML from Rutland will account to 67 % of daily water requirement of Port Blair city which will not only immensely help in meeting the peak summer months demand but if planned, organize and managed properly will certainly help in supplying daily water to the residents of Port Blair city during the months of July to December every year instead of present alternate days water supply.

Hence, he requested the Hon’ble Lt. Governor that in the greater public interest this proposed works of completion of Stage-I and Stage - Il proposals of Rutland water supply project may be taken up on priority as one of the National Infrastructure Pipeline (NIP) Project of Andaman & Nicobar Island to slay the water demand of Port Blair city in summer months from January to May every year and to make available the required quantity of water to the general public so that the situation of water curtailment in summer months shall not crop up for Port Blair city in coming 15-20 Years.