Port Blair, Sept. 1: The CITU, Andaman & Nicobar State Committee observed 1st September 2022 as International Day of Trade Union Action for Peace. The call for observing the day was given by the World Federation of Trade Unions which was endorsed by the CITU Centre, Delhi.

A meeting was held at Shaheed Bhavan, Anarkali, Port Blair today (1.9.2022) evening. Addressing the meeting, Shri B. Chandrachoodan, General Secretary, CITU State Committee dealt briefly the on-going Russia-Ukrain war and called upon the workers to remember the sacrifices made by crores of people in the world during second world war for world peace.

Addressing the gathering, Shri D. Ayyappan, Vice President, CITU State Committee elaborated the theme for the Day and said that the World Federation of Trade Unions chose 1st September 2022 as the International Day of Trade Union Action for Peace as it was on 1st September 1939 that the Germany had attacked Poland, which was one of the reasons for the beginning of Second World War.

He said that the Soviet Union had effectively challenged the Germany and defeated it, ending the Second World War in which nearly three crores of people of Soviet Union lost their lives.  He called upon working class in the islands to remain alert as rulers of our country are also showing signs of fascism. Democratic rights of the people are being taken away without any reason by the government.

Shri D. Laxman Rao, State Secretariat Member of CPI (M) while addressing the gathering said that anti-working class policies are being pursued by the central government despite stiff opposition from trade unions. Shri SP Kalairajan, CITU Vice President proposed vote of thanks.