Port Blair, Feb 6: The Member of Parliament, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has written to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor of Andaman & Nicobar Islands to bring his attention the demands of PBMC employees. The demands include the sanction of 1/30th to Daily Rated Mazdoors, a sanitary section office in all 24 wards of PBMC, regularization of casual employees, mandatory health check-ups, providing rightful bonus, creating new posts in proportion to new wards added, timely supply of brooms, tools, and protective gear, and providing pay slips to all employees.

In his letter he mentioned that a large section of PBMC employees who are working on a Casual or DRM basis have been facing many challenges since the last several years. These employees are actually the backbone of PBMC and we owe so much to them for keeping our city clean and beautiful.

Regarding sanction of 1/30th to Daily Rated Mazdoors, he mentioned that the daily rated mazdoors are the backbone of the council and play a crucial role in keeping the city clean and hygienic. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect and it is imperative that they receive their rightful wages. Sanctioning 1/30th would go a long way in improving their standard of living.

Regarding demands for a Sanitary Section Office in all 24 Wards of PBMC for convenience, the Member of Parliament mentioned that the sanitary section is a crucial component of the council and it is imperative that it be equipped with all the necessary amenities such as toilets, safe drinking water, etc. Providing these amenities would not only improve the working conditions of the employees but also help in maintaining the cleanliness and hygiene of the city.

On the issue of regularization of Casual Employees, he mentioned that there are many employees who have been working for decades but are still not regularized. These employees have been serving the council with dedication and it is imperative that their service be recognized. Regularizing their status would not only bring stability to their lives but also help in retaining experienced employees who have been serving the council for years.

Demanding mandatory Health Check Ups to minimize health risk, he wrote that the PBMC workers who are exposed to garbage of all kinds are at a risk of various health problems. It is imperative that they receive regular health check-ups to ensure that they remain healthy and fit to perform their duties.

On the issue of providing rightful Bonus, he mentioned that the employees of PBMC have been serving the city with dedication and it is imperative that their efforts be recognized. Sanctioning a bonus would not only boost their morale but also act as an incentive for them to perform better.

He also mentioned that with the extension of the municipal area, it has become imperative to create new posts to manage the new wards. This would ensure that the extended area receives the same level of attention and services as the rest of the city. The MP said that this will solve the unemployment problem of these Islands to some extend.

Regarding timely Supply of Brooms, Tools, and Protective Gears, the Member of Parliament mentioned that providing the employees with the necessary tools and protective gear is of utmost importance. This would not only improve their work efficiency but also ensure their safety. A timely supply of these items would help in ensuring that the employees are equipped to perform their duties effectively.

Demanding Pay Slips to all, he added that it is imperative that all employees receive their pay slips regularly. This would not only help in maintaining transparency but also ensure that the employees receive their rightful wages.