Port Blair, March 14: PBMC supplies drinking water to municipal areas. Due to poor monsoon and excessive heat, there is acute shortage of water supply from PWD to PBMC. Rains are not expected any time soon. Water is a precious natural resource and cannot be wasted. The public have been advised to use water carefully and avoid any type of wastage of water. Overflow of storage tanks should be avoided at all costs.

Consumers have been asked to fix leaking pipes and install float valves in water tanks to avoid overflow. Govt. offices, public institutions, commercial establishments and other major consumers of water have to take precautionary measures to preserve water.

PBMC is closely monitoring all tap connections and storage facilities and in case of wastage of water, strict action will be taken such as disconnection of water tap connection. Teams have been constituted by PBMC to constantly monitor and keep a vigil on water wastage.