Port Blair, March 16: The National Students Union of India State President, Mr. M.A Sajid on Thursday demanded deployment of Police in front of every School in A & N Islands.

In a letter addressed to the DSP (Traffic), A&N Islands, Sajid stated that students and their parents are facing unimaginable harassment around the school roads due to the growing instances of traffic accidents. The tragic accident of an 8-year-old child near Brichgunj school on 13th March 2023 has created panic among them.

He said, "The Buses and autos nearby school roads show an appalling disregard for any kind of traffic law. Buses stopping here and there, autos coming and going through and into every corner and side of the traffic is imaginable cause havoc for the daily commuter specially school students and their parents"

"The most difficult hours during the day are in the morning, when the students go to school, and in the evening, when they return back to home. I suggest that a diversion be created along the road that leads to the school, this would make the road a bit safer to travel on. I also suggest that a traffic constable is assigned to manage the traffic, as the absence of one creates a complete chaos every day on the road. I also suggest that measures are taken to create an awareness against the usage of private vehicles", said Mr. Sajid.

Sajid expressed his faith in the Police Department and stated that there are some dedicated officers who are working day and night to ensure our safety in every sphere. "I believe that the Police Department needs to pull up its socks to combat the menace of nuisance drivers who aggravate the cases of accident in our city", Sajid said.