Diglipur, May 21: District Police have accomplished a remarkable feat by successfully cracking a theft and notorious cow smuggling operation that was operating from Kalighat to Port Blair using the sea route. The operation, carried out with exemplary bravery, demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the district police in upholding the law and protecting the welfare of animals.

Acting on a tip-off, the North & Middle Andaman District Police initiated a meticulous investigation to gather evidence and dismantle the illicit cow smuggling network. Under the leadership of SP (D) N&MA, the dedicated team comprising of Inspector Anirudra Mondal, HC/155 David Xaxa, Ct/756 Taradweep Ekka, Ct/802 Sarbojeet Roy, Ct/731 Ajit Sammadar, Ct/820 Saw Binny and Ct/769 Ganga Rao of North & Middle Andaman district employed innovative tactics and extensive surveillance to uncover the illegal activities.

The police diligently monitored the suspicious movement of individuals and vessels suspected of being involved in the smuggling operation. Their tireless efforts paid off when they intercepted a boat in the vicinity of the mouth of Kalighat creek, which was found to be carrying a significant number of illegally trafficked cows.

The successful raid resulted in the apprehension of 5 individuals directly involved in the smuggling ring. Accordingly, a case has been registered upon all 5 accused and investigation is under progress to unearth the whole gamut of cow smuggling racket via sea route. The seized cows, which were subjected to inhumane conditions during transportation, were promptly rescued.

The successful crackdown on this theft and cow smuggling operation not only serves as a deterrent to such illicit activities but also sends a strong message that the North & Middle Andaman District Police will not tolerate any form of cruelty towards animals.

The North & Middle Andaman District Police would also like to extend their gratitude to the community members who provided crucial information that assisted in this operation. Such cooperation from the public is vital in combating organized criminal activities and maintaining the peace and harmony of our society.

The district police are committed to taking stringent legal action against the individuals involved in such activities, dedicated to ensuring the safety and security of the community, and will continue their relentless efforts to combat all forms of criminal activities.

The general public is requested to pass and share any credible information pertaining to any crime or illegal activities to their nearest Police Station or over phone No.100, 112 & 03192-273344. The identity of the informers will be kept secret and will also be suitably rewarded.