Port Blair, May 23: The INTACH Andaman and Nicobar Chapter celebrated the International Day for Biodiversity with the students of MJ Music Academy at the Chidiatapu Bio Reserve where they were taken on a tour of the Bio Park and made aware of the endemic species like Water Monitor Lizard, Andaman Wild Pig, Crab Eating Macaque, Salt Water Crocodile, Nicobar Megapode, Green Imperial Pigeon, Dark Serpent Eagle, Crested Serpent Eagle, and exotic speices of Spotted Dear and Barking Dear.

The tour was conducted with support from Shri. Tilak, Deputy Director, Bio Park, Chidiatapu and Shri. Birendra Chowdhary, CF, Forest Department. A special thanks to Shri. Gilbert, Forest Guard for his verbatim recounting of funny and not so funny incidents with the animals in the park. The funniest was when he said while trying to capture a few pigs from the enclosure, pehle hum unko bhagate they, phir wo humko.

The tour was conducted with support from INTACH volunteers Ebi Mathew and Sibi Mathew under the guidance of Convenor Samhita Veda Acharya. Logistic support was provided by INTACH life members Shri. Tarun Coomar and Shri. Rajesh Anand.