Port Blair, May 24: The NSUI State President Mr. M.A Sajid has highlighted the issue of increasing drug menace in Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

In a letter addressed to the Director General of Police, A&N Islands, Mr. Sajid said that from the past few years drug racket has increased in our Islands and drugs are entering our Islands through medium of Ships and Flights which are the only means of transportation.

He stated "The Police Department is doing commendable job in curbing the drug dealers in A&N Islands but the real King Pin behind it are roaming freely. The Police Department is unable to catch them and put them behind bars".

"Nowadays children of age 10 to 15 are also using deadly drugs such as Cannibis, Methamphetamine etc. and their parents are worried about their future as they are not focusing on their studies. Drugs are entering schools and colleges through unknown sources. Parents are facing a legitimate concern that their children might end up with a bad company and being a drug addict", added Mr. Sajid.

He further mentioned that it is visible in night hours that many people are unnecessarily sitting on the roadside of their localities by forming gangs and when some girl or people from a good family passes by they start commenting and teasing them. Moreover, many youths are plying in their vehicles at night hours by making heavy noise from vehicles for disturbing the sleeping people.

"This type of change in the mindset of youths has affected the culture of our Islands which promotes peace and harmony. If things go like this, then the future of our youths will be in darkness. In the age of studying well and making our Islands proud these youths are going in the wrong direction and lowering the good image of our Islands. Earlier, in our Islands people, especially women were confident to travel outside even during mid-night but now they are scared because of increasing nuisance by these drug-using youths. People are afraid to sleep at night as cases of theft have increased in contrast to increasing drugs", he exhorted.

He further added that the Police Department is doing regular patrolling in main roads. In addition to this they should do patrolling in link roads, inside localities and residential areas where actual criminal activities are going on during night hours. The inaction of Police in many cases has encouraged these kind of gangs and such incidents have become a normal thing in our Islands.

Mr. Sajid suggested the DGP to identify localities where such gangs are operating and deploy IRBN staff there. This will be helpful in reducing the criminal activities and also in reducing the unnecessary roaming of youths in night time. This will bring back confidence among the general public and increase their faith in the Police Department. If the Police Department comes forward with a plan of action then I am sure the whole public of Andaman & Nicobar Islands will stand behind our Police force for eradicating drugs in the Islands.

Further, he also suggested to start a helpline number with Call and Whatsapp service particularly for drugs cases in which people can inform about drug supplying through anonymous phone calls and their identity is not disclosed by the Police Department.