Port Blair, May 29: In a recent meeting, the Member of Parliament, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma had raised concerns about public safety in the vicinity of the Girls' School and JNRM parking area. Emphasizing the need for immediate attention, Mr. Sharma highlighted the potential dangers associated with people sitting near food stalls located in the areas.

He expressed his gratitude for the service provided by the food stalls, which have become popular spots for evening gatherings and a source of refreshments for both locals and tourists. Acknowledging their contribution to the overall ambiance and beauty of the area, he commended the commendable efforts of the stall owners.

However, the Member of Parliament observed that the current arrangement, including the provision of chairs for visitors to sit and enjoy their meals, exposes them to constant risks due to the proximity of the road and the fast-moving vehicles. He stressed that sitting in such close proximity to the road poses a significant threat, as accidents caused by over-speeding or even simple mistakes could result in serious injuries or worse.

To address this pressing issue and ensure the safety of individuals frequenting the food stalls, the Member of Parliament called for the installation of a solid fencing structure between the parking area and the road. Such a measure, he explained, would effectively create a barrier, mitigating the risks posed by fast-moving vehicles and enhancing the safety of the general public enjoying their snacks and meals.