Mayabunder, July 12: The first meeting of the District Skill Committee (DSC) of North and Middle Andaman District was successfully convened today at the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, North & Middle Andaman, Mayabunder. Chaired by the Secretary (Labour, Employment & Training), the meeting marked an important milestone in advancing skill development initiatives and programs within the district. The District Skill Development Committee serves as a pivotal body at the district level, dedicated to promoting and overseeing skill development endeavors. Its primary objective is to bridge skill gaps and foster employment opportunities by enhancing the employability of the local workforce.

Shri B.S. Jaglan, IAS, Secretary (Labour, Employment & Training) / Chairman of the DSC attended the meeting through video conferencing from Port Blair and Shri Ankit Yadav, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, North & Middle Andaman District, the Vice Chairman of the DSC along with representatives from Govt. ITI, Dollygunj,Industries Department, Social Welfare Department, Education Department, Andaman Chamber of Commerce and Industries (ACCI).

The Secretary (Labour, Employment & Training) provided an overview of the District Skill Committee's role and emphasized the imperative need for skill development programs in the district. Subsequently, the Principal ITI / Deputy Apprenticeship Advisor presented a comprehensive presentation, highlighting the meeting's various agenda items.

The Deputy Commissioner, N& M Andaman / Vice Chairman stressed upon the need to provide training in Hospitality sector, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning, Beauty and wellness, Fisheries sector etc. and emphasized the need to prepare an action plan to introduce the skill training as per the need of the youth of the district.

The meeting centered around several key objectives, including identifying skill gaps and training needs within the district, formulating a District Skill Development Plan, implementing and monitoring skill development programs and initiatives, fostering coordination among stakeholders, such as industry associations, training providers, and Government Departments, facilitating training programs and certifications, promoting entrepreneurship opportunities for skilled individuals, providing career guidance and counseling services to job seekers, assisting in job placements for skilled individuals, conducting research and analysis on the district's skill development ecosystem, and ensuring compliance with Government policies and regulations related to skill development.

All committee members actively participated in the meeting, providing valuable insights and suggestions. These inputs have been duly noted for the preparation of the District Skill Development Plan and its effective implementation throughout the district. The Secretary (Labour, Employment & Training) and Deputy Commissioner of North & Middle Andaman directed to develop an action plan accordingly.

The Deputy Commissioner, North & Middle Andaman expressed their commitment to provide all necessary assistance to ensure the successful implementation of skill development programs in the district. The meeting concluded with the Secretary (Labour, Employment & Training) urging all committee members to duly consider the suggestions provided and effectively implement them in North & Middle Andaman.