Port Blair, Sept. 14: Shri. Vishal Jolly, National Executive Committee Member-BJP, today met the Chief Secretary, A & N Administration and placed various issues pertaining to the Nicobar group of Islands.

Shri. E. S. Rajesh, District President of Nicobar District- BJP alongwith Shri. Raja, State Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha had recently visited Nicobar Group of Islands and during their weeklong stay over there; they have met the residents and villagers of these Islands. During their stay several issues of these Islands came to light, which were brought to the notice of Shri. Vishal Jolly, who had accordingly placed & highlighted all those issues before the Chief Secretary, A & N Administration today which are indicated herein under:-

All the old inhabitants of Katchal, Kamorta, Car Nicobar and Campbell Bay and their descendants should be issued with Islanders Card or Residential Card as in absence of these identity cards, they are not able to avail benefits of being an Islander during travel and other required purposes.

In Katchal Island, there are altogether six villages and in each village, there exists one Anganwadi Center. But each of these Anganwadi Centers are in a completely dilapidated condition. Therefore, Shri. Vishal Jolly has placed a demand to cause its immediate repair and make it properly operational.

None of the internal roads within the Tsunami shelters are in a motorable condition, street lights are not electrified and water pipelines are in a damaged condition. Shri. Jolly therefore requested the Chief Secretary for directing the appropriate authority to cause its early repair and renovation to make the same usable.

The School building in Upper Katchal is also in a dilapidated condition and the roofs are completely damaged. He therefore demanded for its early replacement with new roofs.

It was further reported by the villagers that Aadhaar Card updating work hasn’t been done in the past several years and therefore Shri. Vishal Jolly further requested for carrying out scheduled updating programme for the same in these Islands at the earliest.

There were constant demands of new STS buses at Katchal and Kamorta and the same was also earlier approved, but the same hasn’t reached these Islands yet and therefore Shri. Jolly had requested to expedite the process of transporting those buses to these far flung Islands in order to improve public transportation.

The Chief Secretary, A & N Administration Shri. Keshav Chandra gave a patient hearing and assured that all the issues would be taken up positively on priority basis and sorted out at the earliest.