Port Blair, Sept. 18: The Andaman & Nicobar Police has launched a dedicated helpline, No. 9531856083 (including WhatsApp message/voice call), aimed at assisting the general public in addressing various cybercrime-related issues. This initiative is part of our ongoing efforts to ensure the online safety and security of the community in the digital space.

Of late years, cybercrimes have witnessed a significant surge, ranging from impersonating messages and online blackmailing to fake selling advertisements and various other fraudulent activities. To combat this growing threat and providing real time assistance to victims, the Andaman & Nicobar Police is introduced a dedicated Helpline No. 9531856083, which will serve as a vital resource for those affected by cybercrimes or seeking general information/guidance on cybersecurity matters.

Key services offered through Helpline No. 9531856083 include:

-Assistance for victims of suspicious or impersonating messages.

-Help for individuals facing online blackmailing or extortion attempts.

-Support for those, who suspect fraudulent online advertisements.

-Aid for victims of online bullying and harassment.

-Assistance for individuals, who have encountered online dating scams or fraudulent relationships.

-Support regarding SMS-based phishing (Smishing) scams.

-Assistance if you suspect that someone has impersonated you online, or if your social media account has been compromised/hacked.

-The helpline is aiming to help individuals facing online harassment or stalking and is open for any general inquiries related to cybercrimes, cybersecurity, and online safety measures. The helpline will provide valuable tips and guidance on how to protect yourself and your personal information from cyber threats.