Port Blair, Sept. 18: The Member of Parliament, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Chief Secretary, Andaman & Nicobar Administration to expedite the process of releasing pending salaries to the Samgra Siksha contractual staff in the Education Department.

As such issues of payment delays for contractual teachers/ staffs and lecturers are seen often, he has also requested the Chief Secretary to keep a reserve fund available so that in case of delay due to administrative procedures, these teachers/ staffs and lecturers can be paid at the month end from the reserve funds.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, the Member of Parliament highlighted that hundreds of dedicated Samagra Shiksha contractual staff in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which includes Sarva Siksha Contractual Teachers, Pre- Primary Teachers, ICT Instructors, and Vocational Teachers etc., have not received their salaries almost for four months, which is causing immense hardship and affecting their ability to fulfill their duties effectively.

He added that these valued teaching staff, who play a crucial role in shaping the future of students, are facing such dire circumstances due to the delay in salary payments.

“Some of these educators, such as Pre- Primary Teachers, ICT Instructors, and Vocational Teachers, who already receive low consolidated salaries, are so helpless that they have to borrow money simply to meet their daily expenses,” the Member of Parliament mentioned.

He pointed out that teachers who are posted away from their homes, particularly in remote and far-flung islands, are facing an additional financial burden in the form of house rent and travel expenses.

The Member of Parliament mentioned that prolonged non-payment of salaries is taking a toll on their mental and emotional well-being.

“Their dedication to providing quality education in challenging environments is commendable, and it is our responsibility to ensure that they are adequately compensated and supported in their roles,” he added.