Catphishing is a form of online abuse, wherein the cyber criminal makes use of various channels like instant messaging apps, SMS, online dating apps, social media platforms, porn sites etc., to lure the users into intimate video/audio chats and makes them pose nude or obtains revealing pictures from them. The fraudsters later make use of this material to harass, embarrass, threaten, exploit and blackmail the victims.

Catphishing occurs when a fraudster threatens to circulate your private and sensitive material online, if you do not provide images of a sexual nature, sexual favors, or money.

The perpetrator may also threaten to harm your friends or relatives by using information they have obtained from electronic devices unless you comply with their demands.

In this regard, Andaman and Nicobar Police issues the following advisory to safeguard yourself against online Catphishing: 

1) Never share any compromising images, posts, videos of yourself to anyone, no matter who they are.

2) Never pick up any calls / video calls from anonymous number.

3) Turn off your electronic devices and web cameras when you are not using them.

4) Use two factor authentication with strong passwords and different passwords for different your social media accounts.

5) Enable privacy and security features in all your social media accounts.

6) Do not suffer in silence, know that you are not alone, reach out and seek help from trusted family and friend s.

7) Avoid browsing the suspicious websites and websites fully which are not aware.

8) On social media or dating platforms, be cautious of unknown users who try to move the conversation to another interactive platform very quickly.

For assistance, information or enquiries, please contact: Cyber Cell, Port Blair, over Cyber Helpline No. 9531856083 or visit