Raises Issues of Re-Constitution of SEIAA & SEAC and Lifting of Ban on Trochus Niloticus Before Minister

New Delhi, Nov. 21: Shri. Vishal Jolly, National Executive Member-BJP today met Shri. Bhupendra Yadav, Hon'ble Union Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India at New Delhi.

Jolly has raised two vital issues pertaining to A & N Islands, as indicated under:

1) Firstly, the issue with respect of early notifications of Re-Constitution of State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) and State Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC), A & N Islands was raised before the Hon'ble Minister. He pointed out that in order to Re-Constitute the aforementioned Authority & Committee, recently the proposed names of its members was forwarded by the A & N Administration before the Ministry for its approval and the same is pending for its approval and subsequent notification.

He further enlightened the Minister that unless and until the said committee is re-constituted and notified, the Quarry allotment cannot be finalised and because of non-availability of quarry products/stone aggregates, the entire infrastructural developmental activities are in a standstill. Therefore, he earnestly requested the Minister to expedite the process and notify the same by passing appropriate directions to the concerned officials.

2) The second issue that Jolly raised was that of collection and storage of "Trochus Niloticus" which are banned in A & N Islands. This particular sea shell is available in abundance in our territorial water limits and the same keeps flowing away to other neighbouring Country's territorial water limits, if not collected within a specified time. The ban over this particular sea wealth has already been lifted from several other prominent coastal States of our Country.

He further appraised the Minister that there are large number of craftsmen and artisans who carve out several kinds of highly valuable handicrafts out of this sea wealth. Therefore, these artisans and craftsmen would be largely benefited if the ban is lifted from this particular sea shell. He therefore humbly requested for lifting the ban from Trochus Niloticus in A & N Islands.

After hearing & discussing these two issues, the Minister immediately directed the concerned officials to firstly ensure expeditious completion of pending official work pertaining to the approval of Re-Constitution of State Environment Impact Assessment Authority (SEIAA) and State Expert Appraisal Committee (SEAC) for its early notification.

Secondly, the Minister also gave his positive thoughts regarding lifting of ban over "Trochus Niloticus" and assured that he would forthwith call for a report regarding this issue and take a positive decision in this regard at the earliest.

The BJP State Unit is optimistically hopeful of the positive assurances given by the Union Minister Bhupendra Yadav and expect that the issues raised would be sorted out soon.