All the electricity consumers and general public have been informed that to create safe corridors for electricity feeders and tie lines, the Electricity Department will exercise line clearance and pruning of dangerous trees standing at Chatham Mill, Chatham Wharf, IOC & MES Power House, Haddo, Haddo Wharf, Foreshore Road and upto Civil Aviation Delanipur, Buniyadabad, AIR, DDK Colony, part of Delanipur, part of Prem Nagar, Coast Guard Enclave, Coast Guard HQ, Coast Guard Jetty, Panipath Road & Fortress Head Quarter, Japan Morcha, Mazar Pahad, Sinclair, South Point, Govt. Press, JNRM, RK Mission & RGT Road on Nov. 25 from 8 am  to 2 pm.

In addition to above, power supply will be suspended at part of Dollygunj, part of Pahargaon, ICMR Colony area, part of School Line and Water Treatment Plant area at Lamba Line on Nov. 25 from 8 am to 12 pm, in connection with urgent replacement of defective Air Break Switch (ABS) at Minnie Bay Junction.

Similarly, power supply will also remain suspended from Rice Godown Stewartgunj to Wimberlygunj site Office, Wimberlygunj site Office to Shoal Bay- 19, Wimberlygunj to Ferrargunj, Ferrargunj to Jirkatang, Ferrargunj to Ram Nagar area on Nov. 25 from 8.30 am to 12 pm for maintenance of HT line supply godown and tree trimming at Kanyapuram by APWD.