Car Nicobar, Nov. 24: On the intervening night of 22 & 23 Nov 23, ICG Ship Vishwast provided assistance to Fishing Boat “Adonai” (Regn. No. IND-AN-SA-MM-2112) and towed it to Carnic harbour. The boat had left Junglighat harbour on 19 Nov 23 with 13 fishermen and was fishing near Car Nicobar when its propeller shaft got broken and boat got started drifting in rough seas.

On the afternoon of 22 Nov 23, the owner of the boat contacted Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre, Port Blair and informed about the distress on the boat. On receipt of information, ICG Ship Vishwast was diverted to provide necessary assistance to the distressed fishing boat.

The Indian Coast Guard Ship arrived in area on the night of 22 Nov 23 and located the boat. The technical team of Ship tried to rectify the defect but due to non-availability of spares the same could not be done. ICGS Vishwast thereafter took the boat under tow and safely brought her to anchorage off Carnic (Sawai Bay) at 0800 hrs on 23 Nov 23. The swift action by Coast Guard Ship resulted in rescue of 13 precious lives in peril at sea.