Port Blair, Nov. 24: Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma, Member of Parliament, A&N Islands has requested the Chief Secretary of the A&N Administration to provide sailing of MV Sindhu and MV Nalanda for Car Nicobar Island.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Secretary, the MP expressed deep concern over the inadequate facilities and services provided by the vessels currently in operation, notably MV Bharat Seema, for the extended 12-hour journey to Car Nicobar.

He mentioned that the insufficiency of these vessels poses considerable challenges for the residents and travellers to Car Nicobar, affecting their overall passenger experience.

Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma commended the administration for their recent efforts in deploying MV Nalanda and MV Sindhu for voyages to Car Nicobar for one or two sailing. These initiatives had a profoundly positive impact on the tribal community and the residents expressed genuine gratitude for the successful implementation of these services.

However, recent observations have indicated a decline in the quality of service with MV Bharat Seema. The vessel lacks essential amenities, affecting the comfort and convenience of passengers during the extended journey. In stark contrast, MV Sindhu and MV Nalanda have proven to be better suited to meet the needs of the community, providing better passenger experience.

As the holiday season approaches, residents from Car Nicobar are anticipated to travel to Port Blair and vice versa for Christmas preparations and quality time with their families.

He emphasized the importance of a consistent ship schedule with vessels like MV Sindhu and MV Nalanda to not only ease travel challenges but also facilitate effective journey planning for the residents.

In light of these pressing concerns, the Member of Parliament urged the Chief Secretary's immediate intervention. He requested the prioritization and scheduling of routine sailings of MV Sindhu and MV Nalanda to Car Nicobar, asserting that this proactive approach will significantly enhance overall connectivity and convenience for the residents of Car Nicobar, both during the holiday season and beyond.