Port Blair, Nov. 30: In a plea to address the dire situation, the ANTCC President, Shri. Rangalal Halder drew the attention towards a crucial matter concerning the deplorable state of road conditions between Tushnabad to Collinpur Village.

In a letter addressed to the Chief Engineer of APWD, Halder said that over the past several years, the condition of the road is hampering daily activities and causing significant disruptions to the lives of the people in the area.

He stated that this road which serves as a crucial connectivity for the local residents, businesses and commuters between the Tushnabad to Collinpur Village has reached a deplorable state of disrepair.

Halder emphasizes that the current road conditions hinder daily activities, causing disruptions in commuting, accessing essential services and carrying out routine tasks for the local populace, directly jeopardizing the safety of both vehicular and pedestrian's in the areas.

Considering the urgency and gravity of the situation, the ANTCC President requested to address and rectify the current situation of the hazardous road conditions between Tushnabad to Collinpur Village route.