Port Blair, Feb 11: On February 10, 2024, the non-profit organization Prophetess Priya Ministries celebrated World Pulses Day at their office near Joggers Park. A total of ten families joined for the celebration, which was an informative awareness session for everyone.

The objective of this organization is to make a difference in people's lives, empower the underprivileged, provide basic necessities of life, along with enhancing their overall well-being by making health care services easily accessible. Their motto is to serve the people of our Islands with utmost dedication and compassion.

The view behind organizing this awareness campaign was to highlight the importance of Pulses and their Nutritional Benefits for everyone especially those who find it difficult to afford or have meat for protein.

The non-profit organization emphasized the numerous fascinating benefits of pulses concerning the environment and human beings.

Family members of the households to whom this charitable organization has been distributing ration kits since April 22, 2022, participated in this awareness event.

The audience was briefed by Mr. V Vishal Rao, the NGO's treasurer, about the dietary advantages of pulses and how their functions support our bodies.

The joint secretary, Ms. V. Vinita Rao, highlighted the nutritional and health advantages of different pulses, which everyone can include into their everyday eating habits for a healthier way of life.

In addition to a quick awareness-raising exercise facilitated by the NGO's members, Dr. B Ajit Kumar interacted with the group and shared his expertise.

The event was graced by the Founder and President of the NGO, Smti Priya Basu, Chief Guest Dr. B Ajit Kumar, Deputy Director Malaria, DHS and the Owner of Murgan Stores Ration Shop Mr C Vinoth Kumar who has been supporting the organization in providing ration kits to families, along with members of the NGO: Smti Abha John, General Secretary, Smti M G Valleria, Smti Rita, executive members.

Ms. Vinita presented the warm welcome speech, and the founder was the last to speak. She expressed her thoughts about the event and, most importantly, expressed gratitude to all of the families who had come.

Following the ceremony, a light meal consisting of dishes made with pulses was served to everyone in attendance encouraging and promoting a nutritious and healthy food habit.