Port Blair, Feb 23: The Science Centre, Port Blair shall be organizing a Sky Show tomorrow (Feb.24) between 5.45 pm & 6.45 pm. The programmes to be presented include description about the Planet- Jupiter & its satellites.     Visitors shall be provided with a sky map of the sky over Port Blair for locating the planets and other celestial bodies. They can have the opportunity of viewing the Planet- Jupiter & its Moons popularly known as Galilean Moons called Io, Europa, Ganymede and Calisto through powerful telescope.

Further, there shall be a Jurassic Park (Light & Sound Programme) at 6 pm in which, visitors will get the opportunity to witness various types of pre-historic animals which existed in different period of evolution of the Earth through light & sound effect. The entry fee for the sky show will be Rs.10/- per head while for the Jurassic Park (Light & Sound Programme), Rs.20/- shall be charged per head.