Research Institute of AYUSH Ministry sought help from Dr. Ajai

Dr. Kangarajan, Director-in-Charge of Siddha Regional Research Institute, a research institute of the Ministry of AYUSH, located in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala, wrote a letter stating that his institute is studying the standardization of pearl medicine for the treatment of various diseases, for which they need special pearls made by renown scientist Dr. Ajai Kumar Sonkar.

He told that while trying to supply pearls for research, it was found that the pearl market of India is flooded with freshwater pearls from China. Dr. Kangarajan told that discussions with all the pioneers of this field indicated that these special pearls for treatment can only be obtained from Dr. Ajai. However, for the manufacture of these special pearls, a special and controlled environment of the laboratory is required, the production cost of which is many times more than normal.

The institute needs 100 grams of pearls for now, after separating the external elements, several thousand of these special pearls will be required to obtain 100 grams of pure pearly layers, which will cost lakhs of rupees.

Due to limited funds for research, the institute had requested Dr. Sonkar for a concession in the price. But to support research and for public interest, Dr. Ajai Kumar Sonkar has decided to give 100 grams of this pearly components for free to this institution.

Why pearls by Dr. Ajai Kumar Sonkar?

In 2010, Dr. Ajai had conducted an extensive study to optimize the therapeutic value of pearl components, for which he standardized the method of producing pearls in a controlled environment with aseptic conditions. Which was published in many journals around the world with praise. As it is well known that most of the marine conditions in today's world are contaminated with pollution, the untouched sea depths in Andaman Islands were found to be most suitable. In the further process, Dr. Ajai extracts the layers of pearl by removing the nucleus (foreign particles).

So that these pearls used for treatment are free from any kind of foreign elements. These pearls contain traces of metals and minerals like zinc, copper, magnesium, iron, calcium, sodium and potassium. These micronutrients help in metabolism, growth and immunity, zinc in particular has played a major role in preventing deadly diseases like cancer. Studies published including the British Journal of Cancer have also established that malignant cells have a significant reduction in zinc content compared to normal cells. High zinc levels present in normal cells act as cytotoxic in malignant cells.

Dr Ajai Kumar Sonkar has studied and researched in many scientific disciplines. In which recent research on life science, genetic science, cellular and tissue culture is prominent. Which created a wave in the scientific arena of the whole world. His Excellency the President of India has honored Dr Ajai with Padma Shri in 2022 for his incomparable scientific achievements.