Port Blair, April 7: The First Seva Neketan Chess Tournament-2024 was organised by the Andaman Nicobar Chess Association at Seva Niketan, Dairy Farm on April 7th, 2024, unfolding with fervor as around 40 players from various backgrounds converged to showcase their strategic prowess. The ceremonial first moves on the top board to kick start the even in moved by the Mr. Adwaita Chakraborhy, in-charge, Dairy Farm. The event witnessed a vibrant mix of talents, including students from the esteemed ANCA Chess Centre and passionate inmates from the Seva Neketan.

Participants engaged in thrilling matches, demonstrating their dedication and skills on the chessboard. Amidst intense gameplay and strategic maneuvers, players showcased their commitment to the game and sportsmanship.

Highlighting the spirit of competition, prizes were awarded for the Open Championship, recognizing the top performers among all participants. Additionally, special recognition and rewards were bestowed upon the best Seva Neketan inmates, celebrating their dedication and enthusiasm for the game.

The event not only fostered healthy competition but also promoted camaraderie and community spirit among chess enthusiasts. The In-charge, Seva Niketan expressed gratitude to the Andaman Nicobar Chess Association and all participants for their involvement and support, marking the tournament as a resounding success in promoting chess as a unifying force within the community.