Mayabunder, April 10: The Police Observer for the Lok Sabha General Election – 2024 Andaman & Nicobar Islands Parliamentary Constituency, Shri Ravi Joseph, IPS, diligently assessed the readiness for the upcoming General Election 2024 in the North and Middle Andaman District. Commencing his visit at this district, Shri Ravi Joseph began by visiting polling stations located in remote areas under the jurisdiction of Rangat Tehsil on 09/04/2024.

Continuing his thorough evaluation, Shri Ravi Joseph extended his visit to Mayabunder Tehsil on April 10, 2024. Ensuring a comprehensive overview of the election preparedness across the region, he conducted a thorough inspection of remote polling stations situated within the Mayabunder Tehsil to assess the preparedness for the upcoming election. Following this, he presided over a pivotal meeting at the conference hall of the Office of the Deputy Commissioner, N&MA, Mayabunder attended by the Superintendent of Police and the Deputy Commissioner of the N&MA District with other Nodal officers of this district.

During the meeting, Ms. Geetanjali Khandelwal, IPS, Superintendent of Police, N&MA District, provided a comprehensive overview of the extensive preparations underway for the forthcoming election. This included discussions on crucial aspects such as the deployment of police personnel, CAPF, Striking Reserve units, strategies concerning picketing, area patrolling, sea patrolling, thorough vehicle checks, both within and between districts, meticulous ground-level communication testing at each Polling Station, ensuring fire safety measures were in place at all polling stations, and assessment of network availability for mobile connectivity was emphasized.

Moreover, he received a briefing on the robust measures taken against the defaulters as a preventive action to uphold law & order in this district till the inception of MCC.