A new trend in financial cyber fraud has been observed where fraudsters send Fake Job Offer SMSs to perpetrate Cyber Crime. Fraudsters place online advertisements claiming that they can give jobs where one can make large amount of money working from home with little time and effort. A job scam occurs when a fraudster poses as an employer or recruiter, and offers attractive employment opportunities, which require job seekers to pay some money in advance. The SMSs sent by fraudsters offer high-paying part-time jobs to siphon off victims’ money and their personal information.

In this regard, Andaman and Nicobar Police issues the following advisory to safeguard yourself:

1) Avoid tempting job offers sent via text messages or emails by unknown senders.

2) Scrutinize the job offering company online (use words like “scam,” “fraud,” or “complaint” with company name to online search 8s verify if similar scams are happening).

3) Avoid making  any payment without authenticating the employer for registration or other purposes.

4) Securitize the SMS-Headers to confirm the authenticity of a job offer.

5) Fraudsters typically show urgency in their requests. Scrutinize properly, if a request seems too urgent.

For assistance, information or enquiries, please contact: Cyber Crime Police Station, A&N Islands, over National Helpline No. 1930 and A&N Police Helpline No. 9531856083 or visit cybercrime.gov.in.