Port Blair, May 23: Considering the soaring airfare in Port Blair mainland sector, the Member of Parliament, A&N Islands, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has requested the Hon’ble Lt. Governor to operate chartered flights on Port Blair-Kolkata, Port Blair-Chennai, and Port Blair-Visakhapatnam sectors.

In a letter addressed to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, the Member of Parliament mentioned that the current airfare rates have reached an alarming level, severely impacting the residents of the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

He added that as of this week, the cost of a one-way ticket from Port Blair to Chennai ranges between Rs. 22,000 and Rs. 36,000. Such exorbitant prices are beyond the reach of the common man, making it extremely difficult for people to travel for urgent matters. This situation is particularly dire for vacation goers, students returning home, and patients seeking medical treatment on the mainland, who are the worst sufferers of these inflated fares.

In light of these challenges, he requested intervention of Hon’ble Lt. Governor to facilitate the operation of chartered flights on Port Blair-Kolkata, Port Blair-Chennai and Port Blair-Visakhapatnam sectors.

The Member of Parliament mentioned that earlier also the A&N Administration had operated chartered flights in Port Blair and Mainland sectors for the relief of people of these Islands.

He said that the introduction of chartered flights would not only help in easing the financial burden on the residents but also ensure that essential travel can be undertaken without undue hardship.