Swaraj Dweep, May 24: Shri Vinayak Chamadia, IAS, ACSA/SDM/SDO, South Andaman visited Swaraj Dweep and conducted a Revenue Camp Court on 24.05.2024.

The Camp Court was held at the Conference Hall, Govinda Nagar Gram Panchayat.

Land related issues of the general public were heard in detail and directions were issued to the revenue officials to resolve the matter at the earliest whereas some issues were resolved on the spot. Various revenue certificates were also issued on the spot by the Sub-Divisional Officer, South Andaman.

The Assistant Commissioner, South Andaman also visited the sites proposed for allotment of land at Govinda Nagar in favour of Marine Police and at Radhanagar in favour of BSNL accompanied by Revenue Officials. Villages falling under Swaraj Dweep Islands were visited and directions were given to revenue officials to keep strict vigil against illegal diversions, encroachments and illegal earth cutting and to take action against all illegal activities as per law.