Port Blair, May 24: The Member of Parliament, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Shri. Kuldeep Rai Sharma has demanded atleast two Tug-Boats for Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

In a letter addressed to the Hon’ble Lt. Governor, the Member of Parliament mentioned that ships serve as the lifeline for the people of these islands, facilitating not only internal connectivity but also crucial links with mainland India. The smooth functioning of these maritime routes is essential for the overall development, convenience and safety of the island residents.

He added that at present administration lacks tug boats, which are vital for the safe manoeuvring and berthing of ships at our ports. Specifically, the only one tug boat of Administration “Andaman Tug’ is reportedly under repair, leaving the administration without any operational tug boats.

The Member of Parliament mentioned that this situation poses a significant risk to the safety of ships, particularly at critical ports such as Haddo and Chatham. These ports require at least one operational Tug boat for the safe handling of both passenger and cargo vessels.

Furthermore, the ports at Car Nicobar and Mayabunder also urgently need a tug boat to ensure the safe berthing of vessels and the overall safety of port operations, he added.

Given the importance of these tug boats in ensuring the smooth and safe functioning of our maritime infrastructure, the Member of Parliament requested the Lt. Governor to procure at least two new Tug boats for the Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

He mentioned that once inducted these two Tug Boats could be placed at various ports such as Port Blair, Mayabunder, Car Nicobar or other Ports on as and when required basis.