Car Nicobar, June 5: The Dr. B. Srikanth Memorial T-20 Cricket Tournament-2024, Season VIII, concluded with an exhilarating final match between Police-A Team and Small Lapathy Sporting Club, held at the BJR Stadium. Police-A Team emerged victorious, showcasing outstanding skill and determination that captivated fans and dignitaries alike.

The closing ceremony was graced by the presence of distinguished guests, including Ms. Jyoti Kumari, IAS, Deputy Commissioner, Nicobar District, Chief Guest, Sh. Lionel Nicomede, CTC, Tribal Council, Guest of Honor and Sh. Sunny Gupta IPS, SP, Nicobar District.

The tournament organized by the Nicobar District Police in collaboration with Nicobar Shopkeepers Association has been a beacon of unity since its inception in 2016. This year, 27 teams participated, representing various villages, departments, and organizations, underscoring the event's inclusivity and broad appeal.

Despite facing rescheduling challenges due to weather conditions and team availability, the tournament successfully completed all scheduled matches thanks to the unwavering commitment of the ground staff and participating teams. The final match saw Police-A Team and Small Lapathy Sporting Club battling fiercely for the coveted trophy and the winner’s prize of Rs. 50,000/-, with the runner-up receiving Rs. 30,000/-.

Final Match Scorecard:

Small Lapathy Sporting Club: 127-7 in 20 overs

Police-A Team: 130-3 in 13 overs

In a game filled with thrilling moments, Police-A Team’s disciplined performance in both batting and bowling secured their victory. Key players delivered remarkable performances under pressure, ensuring their team clinching the title.

Exceptional Performances:

Man of the Series: Robert from Perka A Team

Best Bowler of the Tournament: Basarat Ali from Police A Team

Emerging Player of the Tournament: Lendtho from Small Lapathy Sporting Club

These individual accolades highlighted the exceptional talent and contributions of the players throughout the tournament.

The tournament holds a special place in the hearts of the community as it fosters a bond of trust and understanding between the police and the public. This year’s event paid tribute to the late Dr. B. Srikanth, IPS, whose legacy continues to inspire and guide the spirit of the tournament.