General Public Requested to Inform About Quack Doctors and Sale of Fake Drugs

Port Blair, June 6: The Clinical Establishment (Registration & Regulation) Act, 2010 has been enacted by the Government of India to provide for registration and regulation of all clinical establishment including hospitals, nursing homes, single Doctor Clinics, Diagnostic Centres and others in Government as well as private sector. This Act prescribes minimum standards of facilities and services, including details of personnel, which may be provided by them so that mandate of Article-47 of the Constitution for improvement in public health may be achieved.  

The Clinical Establishment Act aims to instil uniformity and transparency in provision of health care services for patients, major objectives of this legislation is to create a standard framework to ensure consistency across clinical establishments.

Whereas, there still exist threat of quack doctors practicing medicine and sale of fake drugs within State/Union Territories. Quack doctor within the healthcare system poses a significant threat to public health, as these individual lack necessary qualification and experts to provide safe and effective medical care. Furthermore, sale of counterfeit drug not only jeopardize health of patients but also undermines integrity of modern healthcare system.

This Act empowers the District Registering Authority to take action including imposing penalties/ shutdown in respect of violation of provisions of the Andaman And Nicobar Gazette Notification vide No. 44 dated  06th March, 2013 under Rules No. 8 Penalties & Appeals “In keeping with the provisions of Section 41(1), (2), (3) Section 42 (1), (2), (3) the Act, whoever carries on a Clinical Establishment without registration or whoever wilfully disobeys any direction, or obstructs any person or authority or withholds any such information or provides false information shall be liable for a monetary penalty”.

Whoever carried on a Clinical Establishment without registration, shall, on first contravention be liable to a monetary penalty upto fifty thousand rupees, for second contravention to a monetary penalty which may extend to two lakh rupees and for any subsequent contravention to penalty which may extend to five lakh rupees.

Whoever knowingly serves in a Clinical Establishment which is not duly registered under this Act, shall be liable to a monetary penalty which may extend to twenty-five thousand rupees”.

Therefore, all general public have been requested to share information of such quack doctor practicing medicine and sale of fake drugs to the District Registering Authority/District Administration, South Andaman District to take necessary action as mandate under Clinical Establishment (Registration & Regulation) Act, 2010.