PBGKR Celebrates World Environment Day 2024 at Bageecha

Port Blair, June 9: Continuing its activities to serve the society, Port Blair Guru Ki Rasoi (PBGKR) today celebrated the ‘World Environment Day 2024’ at Bageecha along with the children of Pranab Kanya Sangha and volunteers of Bageecha. The event by PBGKR was aimed at serving mother nature too along with the members of the society we live in.

The celebration was marked with planting of a Chiku sapling at Bageecha premises by all those who were present on the occasion. The idea behind planting a single sapling, instead of a mass planting drive was to ensure that everyone present were able to learn how to take care of the sapling they had planted. The gathering of children and volunteers took a vow on the occasion, that they have adopted the plant and will ensure that it remains healthy and thriving.

The celebration began with a Pranayam Session led by Yogacharya Shivani Singhkapath after which, Ms. Nazima Parveen conducted an interactive session with the children on the need to conserve Mother Nature. This was followed by a drawing and painting session, wherein the children divided themselves into teams and expressed the need for Nature Conservation through their art works. The children also took selfie with the State Animal of A&N Islands, ‘The Dugong’.

Later Shri Denis Giles of Bageecha led the children to planting of the plant sapling, wherein he explained on how to take care of plants and what it means to adopt a plant.

The celebration culminated with a lunch sponsored by Mrs. Kanak Radha Chatterjee, who had joined as a volunteer for the event.

In his message on the occasion, Shri Mandeep Grewal, President, PBGKR said, “We all wish to conserve our mother nature. Mostly it is seen that mass tree plantation drives are organised after which, many of the saplings die unattended. This time it was decided that we adopt a single sapling and plant it as a symbol of our love and affection towards mother nature. It will be the responsibility of all those who have adopted the plant, to ensure that it remains healthy and thriving”.

The message for today’s celebration is, let’s begin with one good work as responsible citizens and then make it grow, added Grewal.

Other volunteers who facilitated the event were Shri Sharma, Miss M. Shivani, Mrs. Mitha Biswas and Mr. Ashish.