Instant Messaging (IM) Apps have become popular medium of communication among individuals. Fraudsters have targeted the app users and have managed to devise ways and means to take over or hijack their IM accounts to commit cyber offences by impersonating them. Users need to be aware and alert about these frauds with necessary safety measures against the same.

In this regard, Andaman and Nicobar Police issues the following advisory to safeguard yourself against Telegram Hijacking: 

1) Make your phone number private

2) Never share verification codes with anyone, even if you know them.

3) Beware of unusual requests received over Telegram or other messaging apps.

4) Turn off notification preview for SMS. Anyone who can see the verification code on your phone can easily hijack your account.

5) Enable "Two-Step Verification' for your Telegram account.

6) Log out of Telegram web/ desktop when you finish using it.

7) If your Telegram account has been hijacked Inform your family and friends that your account has been hacked, and they should not respond to any Telegram messages that appear to be from you.

8) Warn others not to share their verification codes or any other confidential information.

9) Report to Telegram regarding your stolen account “ /support”

For assistance, information or enquiries, please contact: Cyber Crime Police Station, A&N Islands, over National Helpline No. 1930 and A&N Police Helpline No. 9531856083 or visit