Port Blair, June 16: The South Andaman District Police have demonstrated exemplary dedication and efficiency in upholding the rule of law by successfully served 4169 Nos. of Summons and executed 416 Nos. of Warrants from 1st January, 2024 to 15th June, 2024. This achievement underscores the South Andaman District commitment in maintaining Law & Order and ensuring that justice is served promptly and fairly.

The timely execution of summons and warrants by the South Andaman District Police is vital for upholding law and order and ensuring swift justice. By promptly serving summons, legal proceedings move forward efficiently, holding individuals accountable for their actions. Additionally, executing Non-Bailable warrants aids in apprehending those who threaten public safety or evade justice. Citizens are also urged to cooperate with law enforcement, fulfilling civic duties and supporting effective policing efforts in the region.

Under the vigilant leadership of concerned SDPOs and supervision of the Superintendent of Police, South Andaman District have intensified the processes of service of Summons and execution of Warrants. Further, the dedicated teams of the South District Police are working tirelessly to track down individuals evading the law and ensure they face the necessary legal proceedings. This initiative has significantly improved the rate of compliance and adherence to judicial directives in the district.

The general public is urged to play an active role in maintaining law and order by promptly reporting any instances of crime or illegal activities to police at 100, 112 & 03192-250525. The identity of the informant will be kept secret.