Makeup is ART

By Maneesha Nath

A very common problem that we all girls come across is how to hide the flaws with our makeup, which looks natural.

Well Colour correction or eutralizer are the answer to this problem.

Colour correctors, also known as neutralizers, are meant to CORRECT hard-to-cover skin discolourations like red blemishes or bluish grey under-eye circles.  They are based on the idea that when you want to eutralize a colour you place its opposing colour over it.

Always remember the most beautiful makeup of a woman is her smile and her passion. And beauty is all about being comfortable in your own skin.

At one time or another we all want to conceal some types of nasty imperfection on our face. Most flaws in our face are colour related flaws such as dark, bluish under eyes circles, red blemishes or brown birthmarks just to name a few.

NOTE: The undertone color of the skin, are either predominantly blues (cool) or red (warm) in appearance.

All you need to know is how to get rid of this flaws and the trick to cover such flaws is to eutraliz your eutralizer to your skin tone by mixing a bit of your foundation into it.

Remember Make up magnifies the beauty that already exists, so try to apply makeup only to enhance your beauty and not to hide your real beauty under the makeup.

Hydrate your skin with good moisture.

Apply primer and then conceal in order to cover the flaws and discolourations.

Now apply foundation all over your face followed by loose powder to allow your makeup to set.

In our next edition we shall be discussing on how to apply makeup step by step. Till then stay tune and

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About the Author: “It doesn’t matter what others do. What matters is, what you are capable of. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.”

Maneesha Nath hails from Port Blair and has a diploma in aviation and hospitality. She did her industrial training from the Republic of Maldives and later was placed at the Bangalore International Airport as a guest relations officer. While continuing to work, Maneesha completed her graduation through correspondence but there was something lacking in her. Not knowing how to proceed, she decided to join a diploma in Makeup Artistry.  It was the turning point in her life, when she realized, this is what she always wanted to be – a Makeup Artist.  

Maneesha has since then assisted for brand shoots, portfolio, bridal projects among others. Her first individual project as a makeup artist for a portfolio shoot was of the model/ actress Avni Modi (Madhur Bhandarkar’s movie: Calendar Girls), which was followed by more bridal projects and brand shoots, serial, portfolio and many more.

This happened in San Francisco!

“Take a picture of me, next to the statue!” I shouted,pointing excitedly to a statue of Gandhiji.

“But you’ve got hundreds of his statues all over India,” said my American friend, “Why take one with him here?”

“Because, I’m proud to see him honouredhere in the USA!” I said simply.

Yes, it gave me immense pride! Similar statues of the Father of our Nation areall over the world, and many of them, not put up by Indian communities, but by locals, in honour of what he exported to the whole world: The idea and practice of Non-Violence!

If there’s one product that is Make in India, and has been used effectively the world over, it’s the one Gandhiji spun in the spinning wheel of his mind, right here in our country.

With non-violence he beat the victorious British who had just beaten the mighty Germans!

With non-violence, he made the fierce Winston Churchill tremble as he disembarked in England wearing nothing but a homespun loin cloth.

What a product!

Today if the African-American is equal in his country, it’s because Martin Luther King, imported this wonderful export from India, and put it to good use.

It’s a product that no one needs to sell, that no one needs to hop from one country to another peddling and hugging world leaders to buy. And yet, today, in his very land, we have men and women who dare honour the very assassin who killed the greatest man our country has ever known.

We have reached a point, when the very product which has won us renown, is being dismantled and put away, and instead, a new one called violence is being exalted!

The British were cruel masters, but not once did hate or anger temper Gandhiji’s talks. Today, such talk is in every WhatsApp group, political speech or email, incited, encouraged and emboldened by present political leaders.

I can hear voices the world over asking, “Is this true? Can it really be happening in your country?”

“Yes, it’s true, as the murderer of a Man of Peace is made a hero!”

I stand next to that statue in San Francisco and I hear crowds shouting from all around the world, by nations that have benefitted from our desi, homegrown, make in India product “There is no need,” they shout, “for bear hugs, and your leader spending your nation’s time and money on visits to our leaders. Just start respecting again the man who gave you, the best ‘Make in India’ product, and we around the world will respect you..!” 

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By Buvnesh

Last week we had discussed about ‘bench press’, a great way to build mass for the chest. This week let’s concentrate on building the ‘back muscles’.

The “back” is a big muscle group, which is bundled with a number of Muscles. There are numerous muscles when it comes to “the back” but begin with, let’s target the following muscles:

1. Traps aka Collar Muscle

2. Lats aka Wings.

In order to have a good muscular look a well developed Trap Muscle is crucial and in order to have a wide look from the back, a well developed Lat Muscle is crucial.

A very small portion of the trap muscle is seen to the naked eye, which in our language is called “The Belly” of the muscle, but that muscle stretches all the way down and is attached to the mid section of the back.

A very good exercise to develop the back altogether is the ‘bent-over barbell rows’.

To perform a Barbell Row, follow these steps:

1. Stand as close as you can to the dumbbell.

2. Knees bent, chest up always and lower yourself towards the bar and hold the bar at shoulder width apart.

3. Lift the bar, and ensure you keep your lower back straight.

4. Now pull the bar towards your belly button, hold it for a split second and return to the starting position and repeat for 10-12 for 4 sets with progressively increasing the weights.

Pro Tips:-

While doing any back movement, in order to get the maximum squeeze and contraction in your back, try to pull your elbows as past your body as you can. And pull the weights using your elbows. It may appear a bit difficult initially, but use it as a cue to contract your back and feel your back muscles.

Until then, keep grinding! Ciao, till next week! 

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“Something troubling you ma?” I asked looking at my mother and also mother of more than a billion, “It’s Mother’s Day, be happy!”

I watched as the mother of over a billion looked at the calendar furtively, “I don’t think I’ll rest till the 23rd!” she said sadly.

“But today is your day!” I said.

“Mother’s Day, should be a day of a mother’s happiness!” sighed the mother of over a billion, “That’s when she knows all her children are happy! But today I fear for some of my own as I see them discriminated by other children of mine!”

“You’re crying Mother India!” I whispered, horrified to see my mother cry.

“Yes my son! What pains a mother the most is when she sees her children pitting themselves against each other, with some trying to say I belong only to them. What hurts a mother the most is when she sees the blood of an offspring drawn by another, she considers her own!”

“Yes!” I whispered,“I see this happening!”

“All my children are one! There is no child of mine who can claim to be a majority or is sidelined as a minority! How can there be a division among sisters and brothers?”

“And you feel May 23rd could see a change?”

“On that day, there will either be the beginning of more hatred and anger enforced again by some children of mine, or there could be a diffusing of all that has been infused among my sons and daughters in the last five years!” 

“I hope and pray your children will be wise Mother India!” I whispered.

“I was wrested from the British over sixty years ago, and given my freedom! A freedom that is precious, and most of you are children of a free me! Keep me that way, not bound and fettered again to the liking of any one particular group!”

“You are mother to all of us!”

“Yes! Yes!” whispered the mother of over a billion, “I am mother to all who I have spawned and not just to some! Please let that message reach each of my children; that nothing, not their faith, their colour, caste or creed makes them lessof a child of mine, that all that matters is their umbilical binding to me! Yes, you are bound to me my children and I to you, whateverothers might say, and those cords cannot be stretched, torn or broken by anyone who thinks they are more special than any of my other children! Remember this, whatever happens on the 23rd!”

It is a Mother’s Day message from my mother and yours..! 

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