People are talking, but not to each other and just like cigarette smoking has restrictions, we need to have strict rules that need to be implemented immediately:

Rule One: The size of the mobile should be such that other people know when he has switched onto talking into his mobile and when he is talking to them. Tiny instruments, which are invisible to the people around should be banned or confiscated and burnt or smashed to the ground or exploded.

There’s an aspect of leadership, most so-called leaders don’t like, and that is building others to become leaders. Many don’t realise that ‘building’ is as much an important part of leadership as ‘leading’! Some pretend to build, but just install a weak, proxy leader and hold court from behind.

Which begs the question, why don’t most leaders build leaders?

And as I look at the New Year messages that’s flooding my phone, I see something that may have escaped many of us, it is that many of us are reaching out! A reaching out to the new year, asking for a change in circumstances, a change from misery, a change from the drudgery of the last year!

What is it you hope for?

I see lonely people, crying for a year when their loneliness will be erased, and my heart goes out to them. I sat for a while and wondered what words of hope I could give to each of us, to ease this year, and the thought that came to me was, ‘reach out’!

Nothing like the New Year to make resolutions, right? But most of them hardly last a week, and here’s why. Most of us make resolutions that have to do only with ourselves, but if we look around, we will notice that we are all part of a bigger social network, be it a family, nation or world. And so, one way to make a successful resolution is to see whether it will benefit those outside ourselves.

Yes, I’d like to lose weight, but would losing those extra kilos give me more energy and better health in aiding people around me? If yes, then your resolution has suddenly got a bigger purpose. With more energy I will be able to put more time into work which will benefit society at large. My family will benefit, my company will too, and finally I will!

A principal of a school, a dear friend of mine, was telling me of an incident where he'd seen a girl crying outside her classroom: "I asked her what the matter was and she told me her cat had died. Did it have any kittens?" I asked. "Yes," said the little girl, her eyes gleaming, "She had two lovely kittens and they are at home." "Then be thankful for them!" said the principal, hugging the child.

And maybe that's how we need to bring this year to a close, by being thankful to God for what we've got with us and not sorrowful for what we've lost: A friend sent me these lovely lines which I'd like to share with you today: