By Nitu Sindhu


Tulsi is the “Queen of plants” and the “mother medicine of nature”. It grows everywhere, in every climatic condition and every soil type. This symbolizes her ability to survive in most extreme life conditions. Among many varieties, the most common is the “Shri Tulsi” having green leaves and “Krishna Tulsi” with reddish leaves.

Tulsi in Hindu mythology is considered a deity with immense power, who protects, conserves and heals. She’s considered as mother of the universe who has power to fulfill all our desires.

On New Year's Eve, most cities in our country have the highest number of policemen on duty. Because this is one night they are supposed to really work, and that’s not about ‘solving’ a crime, but about ‘preventing’ one. To prevent, police have to depend on eyes, ears and instinct!

How then was a woman dragged twelve kilometres under a car, by four drunk men, not seen by these guardians of the law?

It could have either been a careless mason, or that the area under the tile was crumbling and had to be broken. And so, broken it was. Not just the area beneath the tile, but the tile also. The mason did his job, plastered the area underneath that needed reinforcing and then asked me if I had a similar spare tile to replace the one he'd broken.

“No!” I said, after searching my loft and terrace, “Looks like I didn’t keep any when I fixed the kitchen ten years ago!”

It was a strange ride back home one Sunday. The daughters were furious and so was their father; me. Something had happened that we all felt was unfair.

“I’ve been insulted,” said my eldest.

“It’s not fair,” said my younger one.

“I’m going to blast those people tomorrow,” I said to myself.

The doorbell rang and the watchman at the door gave me a smart salute and handed me a piece of paper to sign, ‘There is a managing committee meeting in the society office sir,’ he said. ‘Secretary sahib wants you to come down immediately.’ I swore to myself as I signed the sheet and handed it back to him. The secretary sahib always had emergency meetings. I wore my chappals and went down to the office and found the other members already there.