“These judges,” swore the village chieftain as he stood at the edge of his village along with his deputy and looked back at the village they ruled together, “something is wrong with their vision!”

“I totally agree,” said his bald chief, “When almost the whole of our village agrees with our policies, these judges are turning to be a pain in the….”

“My grandfather!” says a Christian, “Was a Brahmin before he converted!”

“Yes, it’s the second time you've told me that!” I tell him pleasantly.

“We even told our daughter this, so she can be proud of her heritage!” says his wife to me.

As I saw pictures of the Ambani bash, what I also saw were India’s who’s-who invited. Whatever said and done, all of them were success stories: Men and women who had fought hard to become achievers whether in business, in the film world or in politics. They all had a far of look in their eyes, jaw locked with resolve and face steely with determination. It must have been a tough fight becoming a success, but they got there, and if you and I were not invited, then we don’t have something they all have, and that is to ‘think big!’

The present government seems to be pressing all the right buttons to come back for a third term. They are projecting the prime minister as a powerful figure in the international arena, while also showing all welfare schemes at home stem from his office. They have used the ‘religion card’ extremely well, and have shown themselves whether truthfully or falsely, a party above corruption.

All’s fair in love or war, and I guess the same applies to politics, but an angle where they are seen wanting is their dialogue with dissent.

The members of the club appeared a disgruntled lot as their President conducted their weekly meeting. A bespectacled man, normally very quiet, but today greatly agitated, rose from his traditional place near the door, his face pale and manner perturbed, “Mr President,” he said, and his voice quivered with concern, “There is not much importance given to our projects by the governor of our association!” The other members nodded vigorously, happy that one among their midst had expressed their deep anguish.  “We have planted two bougainvillea plants, given my old computer to a school, gifted a bedsheet to an orphanage, but our area leadership has not acknowledged or congratulated us in their communications!”