An item in the newspaper had me sadly amused. A lady doctor who runs a pain clinic, told the press how she saw a destitute woman bleeding profusely on the pavement outside her gym. “She was bleeding profusely, it was all over the pavement and flowing onto the road. I asked the watchman to call the police, but he did not respond.”

She then called the local MLA and the municipality but they paid no heed to her pleas. Finally five hours later she called the local newspaper and the paper put pressure on the police who arranged for an ambulance and carried the woman away.

With ‘son of the soil’ not meaning you were an Indian, but giving you certain privileges only if you belonged to that particular state, I realized most states are thinking they are nations by themselves. I imagined, the cultural chief of a state department smiling to glory and whistling a tune to himself. “You seem to be very happy with yourself,” I said, “and it’s a strange tune you are whistling!”

Quite often some public figure like Trump or many in our own country caught in the public glare while having a rollicking time with someone other than their wife, exclaim, “Leave my private life alone!”

What they mean is that they’ve got two lives, one for the public eye and the other not for us to look at. And it is only their public life that should be scrutinized, not the private one!

Have always been puzzled how the government knows when a loudspeaker is too loud or a plastic bag too thick, so since the government is now hellbent on enforcing the plastic ban I thought I’d check the instruments issued to measure the thickness of plastic bags. I met a municipal worker, “Do you have checking instruments, to see if a plastic bag is less than 20 microns?”

It was not joyful drumbeats and rhythmic cymbals at the wedding in Alappuzha district in Kerala, no, t’was the sound of huge cooking vessels, dishes, water kettles and serving spoons being brandished and hurled in the battle for the extra pappadam!